Our dog cookies contain C.B.D. We have gummies for smaller dogs and cats that contain C.B.D. too. We also have gummies that are sugar free, gelatin based and meat/vegetable flavoured. They contain 1mg of T.H.C. each. These are for pets with pain, digestion problems and even cancer. They’re also very SAFE for them and will NOT damage them physically or mentally. For example: My 85lb Male Pit Bull jumped off the side of our driveway down into a deep ditch and hurt his back. To prevent him from re-injuring himself we gave him 2 full Squishy Bearz for Pets in the am/pm and that kept him relaxed on his bed and not interested in playing, ect. 3 weeks later he’s back to his regular self with zero side effects. They’re also a great digestive aid for any older pet or any pet with eating disorders. These come in packs of 30 meat and vegetable flavors for 1 month. Cheers!

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