“That My son has autism. Invisible disease. During his teen years I noticed him getting alot more aggressive towards anyone near to him in a stressful situation. Being beligerant and he would flail his arms. He didn’t like big crowds and couldn’t function in the smallest way he was overwhelmed and out of control. I knew these actions were not intentional and he could not control his overwhelmed emotions/anxiety. Until his minor actions put me in harms way. I knew we needed to try something to calm him down. I had already been looking in to cbd oil/edibles as a option. We had decided since he already had used we would get on board the cannabis use. Bought him some weed and gave him a small amount to use if he felt he was in his words” turning on the beast” this kid is 6’3 both my husband and I are smaller than him! In the first week of “regular” use our son could focus. Semi control his emotions and he could come upstairs when family was visiting without incident…and he could make “small talk” not something that he would do.
This has been 2 yrs now for our son using cannabis. He now holds several lawnmowing/ odd jobs for a few different clients. He has been studying for his g.e.d. He now goes out with his friends..normally he would stay home.
While the results were good for us and we totally stand behind the power of “pot” the only difficult part of the process for us was the mixed reviews and judgements that were passed to us. Because it is “illegal” and he was/is a “minor.” That held mixed emotions for us as parents. If legislation was in place and it was legal I feel it would have been alot easier for us to have had a support network.
This will by far not cure autism BUT it can improve the day to day living with autism if you cant control emotions or have a hard time with anxiety. Quality of life.
(valued customer who uses cannabis products(and now uses our products) to help with autism)

That’s the best budder I have ever smoked in my life”
(valued customer)

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(valued customer)


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